Editorial: I May Be Lying, But My Opinion Matters

Stephen Miller

February 12, 2017 - Universe

by Stephen Miller, Trump Spokesperson

Look guys. I get what you are all saying about the immigration issue. You make some very compelling arguments about why we shouldn’t ban a religious population from entering the USA. I understand your side of it.

And the truth is, if I’m speaking honestly, I completely agree with you. Trump’s Executive Order is a xenophobic unconstitutional nightmare. No one in their right mind should be supporting this insane initiative.

But the Trump folks aren’t paying me to be sane. They’re paying me to lie on CNN. And for that reason, my opinion matters.

Yes, I’m saying it’s not relevant that my view is completely insincere. What matters is this: it’s a perspective being shared on television. Thousands of people are being exposed to my opinion. And those people deserve to hear it for making the mistake of tuning into my interview.

In the end, all opinions matter. Even the fake ones. Because without fake opinions, we wouldn’t be the nation we are today. We would just be a much better one.



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