Editorial: I Can See Colors You Can’t Imagine. I’m Also Really Pretentious About It.


March 30, 2016 - Local

by Leslie Jacobs, Monrovia

My eyes are not like yours. I am a technocrat, meaning I have an extra cone or some shit in my eye and can see 100 times more color than you can.

Must suck not to be me, huh?

I mean, I’ve seen your ‘red’…if you can even call it that. It’s pretty pathetic. It’s nothing like Red2. Or SuperRed.

It must be pretty awful to know there is a whole world of colors that I can see and you can’t. What’s the point of seeing at all?

I couldn’t imagine looking at a field of grass and not seeing 400 shades of green. I’d probably rather be blind. Or dead. I would certainly hate myself and wonder why I was put on this earth with such feeble vision.

I would love to show you what my vision looks like, but since that is impossible, you’ll just have to trust it’s pretty fucking incredible.

Anyway, I’d love to chat about this more but I have to go look at a ridiculously beautiful sunset that you will never ever get to see or even imagine. If you want to learn more about technocrats, you can visit my my blog at TechnocratsAreBetterThanYou.com.