Editorial: Hi! Want to connect on Linkedin?


May 22, 2016 - Local

by Rod Bregg, CFP

Hi! My name is Rod Bregg, CFP, and I just wanted to see if you wanted to connect on Linkedin!

I have many connections in different industries that may be helpful for you! Take a look over at my profile and you’ll see I have over SIX HUNDRED connections, and you looked you could use some so that’s why I’m messaging you!

Do you have a second to chat? Using Linkedin Messenger? I was thinking we could discuss the various ways we can connect and use our contacts to contact connections and connect our contacts.

I just love connecting, and want to do it with you! I want to connect with you right here, right now!

I want to connect with you while you’re connecting with someone else. I want to watch my connections connect you while I connect with my dad. Is that weird? Haha, I don’t mind it!

Anyway, give me a shout if I seem like the kind of connection you’d like to connect to. We can connect all day and all night long. Until we’re exhausted and sweaty and can’t do anything but yell YEEEEEEEHAAAAAAAWWW THAT WAS A GOOD ONE!

Your future contact,


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