Editorial: Come Back, Charlene


May 15, 2016 - Local

by Jerry Weiss, Pasadena

Hey Charlene. It’s Jerry. I hope you’re reading this. I miss you. Please come home.

It’s been so gray here since you left. Nothing seems the same. The house feels empty, and even the flowers in the front yard don’t smell anymore.

It’s also extremely difficult to take care of our nine children on my own.

We all miss you Charlene. And the fact that you won’t answer our letters or phone calls just makes it so much harder for us to live with this huge hole in our heart.

Charlene, remember when we had our first date? I fell into that manhole and broke both of my arms? But I stuck it out because you asked me if I was a “little  bitch” or not? Good times.

Remember when little Donny smashed his face into that cactus and we spent all night pulling out the little pricks? And you said, “Well this sure is a prickly situation, huh?’ And I said, “Charlene I really think we need to take him to the hospital.” Gosh that one ended sad though huh?

I want you to have your fun…so I don’t want to press you to come home from your solo rock-climbing trip so soon. And I don’t want to “freak out like I always do”. But it’s already been two months and we all miss you very much.

Can you please come home?



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