Editorial: Can’t A Guy Spend A Few Days In A Ravine Without His Family Calling Search And Rescue?


November 30, 2016 - Local

by Lloyd Hermann, South Pasadena

Well, consarnit. Here we go again. The calvary has arrived! L.A. County Search And Rescue here to save the day and rescue me from this wonderfully comfortable ravine I have made my home in for the past few days. Thank goodness for these heroes!

Fooey. Those damn kids of mine probably called again. You would think grown adults could handle their father wandering into the desert without any food or water for days without getting all worked up about it.

Everyone has hobbies. Some people like bowling. Others like lawn bowling. I like getting all dehyrdated and laying in a ravine or basin for several days. What’s the crime in that?

Ugh. I’ll pretend to be grateful so these county rescue folks don’t get all pissed like last time. But I can’t take much more of this. Why won’t anyone leave me and ravine-y here alone? Some people need to learn to mind their own business.


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