Disturbing New Toyota Ad Touts Truck’s Use By ISIS


April 15, 2015 - Universe

Toyota is under fire for a bizarre new ad that seems to boast and possibly be aimed toward Islamic State militants.

Emulating Ford car commercials, the ad for the pickup Toyota Hilux begins with an array of patriotic United States imagery. A waving American flag. Attractive women in bikinis holding cans of beer. Blue collar workers hauling cinderblocks.

After the commercial moves to American soldiers as they board a joint strike fighter, the ad airs brief shots of different strike fighter parts containing American brand symbols – Firestone tires, a GE engine, and a Lockheed Martin frame – separated briefly by flashing words on the screen.

“Not Firestone sturdy. Not GE powerful. Not Lockheed smooth,” say the white letters in quick sucession.

In the third part of the one-minute spot, the cinematography transfers to heatvision, apparently from the pilot’s point of view. The viewer can make out a truck carrying a heavy gun in the Iraqi desert. A target symbol overlays the truck and a missile launches from the strike fighter.

In the final segment, the missile hits the truck, flipping it over 360 degrees. But the truck appears undamaged and continues to careen through the sand.

As the truck whizzes through the barren desert road, Islamic militants wave machine guns and shout “Allahu Akbar.”

The ad ends by zooming in on a Toyota symbol on the Hilux.

White letters on a black screen read, “Toyota Hilux. Greater than the Great Satan. Built ISIS Tough.”