Daniel Day-Lewis To Star In ‘Gremlins’ Remake


January 6, 2016 - Culture

Sources inside the film industry have confirmed that Daniel Day-Lewis will star in Warner Bros’ upcoming remake of the 1984 cult classic Gremlins.

According to sources involved in the film’s production, Lewis will star as a lonely homeless drunk who has given up on reconnecting with his family. That is, until he meets and befriends the Gremlins, a mischievous group of troll-like creatures who take a liking to the vagabond.

Through the course of the film, the Gremlins use their trickery and mischief to get Lewis’ character to see that it’s not too late to rediscover his roots and have a relationship with his lost son, Georgey. The film also reportedly will star Rachel McAdams and Ben Stein in unspecified roles.

Lewis’ agent would not confirm the actor’s new role, but did say his client is currently living in the sewers of San Diego with troll dolls to prepare for an upcoming part.

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