Councilman Says Funding From North Koreans Has Not Impacted Policy

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June 20, 2016 - Local

In an interview with a local paper this afternoon, Councilman Dee Lewis admitted there was a “strong likelihood” he received campaign funding from the Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea, but insists it has not impacted his ability to do his job fairly.

“We did talk with the North Koreans about the possibility of funding my campaigns,” said Lewis, who has spent the last six years as a member of the council.

“I can’t really remember if we followed through with that. But if so, I can promise it has no effect on my policy-making decisions.”

Campaign finance records do show Lewis received $4.2 million from the North Korean government over the past 5 years. His next biggest contributor was the Pasadena Carnival Worker’s Union at $26 over the same time period.

Lewis has also sponsored pro-North Korea bills such as the ‘North Korean Appreciation Day Act’ and the ‘Send Financial Assistance To North Korea ASAP’ bill. He also started a petition to name Pyongyang as the official sister city of Pasadena.

Councilwoman Leslie Jacobs says the news is a surprise to her and most of her colleagues.

“North Koreans? Really? Wow,” she said.

“I mean, when he wrote that initiative that would have had us spy on our citizens and send the information to the North Korean government, I thought maybe he was getting money from the Chinese or the South Koreans,” she told The Pasadenoid.

“But the North Koreans? That’s pretty crazy,” she added.

Despite the negative press, Lee remains confident he can win his bid for reelection this coming fall.

“Our support base remains strong. And as long as he keeps up his side of the bargain I should a get a couple mil once the North Korea History Museum opens.”

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