Council Passes Cultural Appropriation Bill


September 13, 2015 - Uncategorized

Pasadena council reached a deal last night to pass a 2.5 million dollar appropriations package dedicated to cultural appropriation, including blackface jazz singer events, an Iggy Azalea concert, and 1000 of those weird sideburns that those Jews wear to give out to school children.

“We’d heard that cultural appropriations was really important for cities. So we were like, cool, we love important stuff. But also, ‘what does cultural appropriations mean?’ So then we Binged on Google ‘cultural appropriation’ and we were like, sweet, Al Jolson is the best.” said Mayor Robert Sanchez.

After passage, council celebrated with an Indian rain dance. “Hi-ya hi-ya, hi-ya hi-ya,” they yelled in feather headdresses at the pow-wow or luau or whatever.

“This is a great day for Pasadena. We have proven that we are dedicated to accomplishing serious things and putting our name on the map. I, for one, am going to celebrate by buying my wife a really cute burka.”

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