Council Outlaws Filling In Potholes On Mayor’s Street


November 25, 2014 - Local / Pasadenoids

Council unanimously passed an ordinance Tuesday evening that outlawed the fixing of holes in the asphault of Wimberly Lane where Mayor Robert Sanchez lives. Members insisted that the ordinance had nothing to do with the fact that Mayor Sanchez lives on Wimberly Lane.

“The notion that we’re somehow using our council seats to fulfill a personal vendetta against Mayor Sanchez is absolutely absurd,” said Councilman George Diegner, who threatened to have my son fired from the Pasadena police force if The Pasadenoid took the position that such was the case, which it does not. “We simply feel that Pasadena’s resources can be better used on other streets.”

Councilman Diegner was the primary sponsor of the ordinance. He also introduced bills that would force anyone living at 47 Wimberly Lane to alphabetize their recyclables and to change the address 47 Wimberly Lane to PI Wimberly Lane, which would have to be written out numerically in full for the postal service to deliver to that address.

47 Wimberly Lane is the current address of Mayor Sanchez. It is not clear if the ordinances have any direct relation to Mayor Sanchez or even if Councilman Diegner is aware that Mayor Sanchez lives at that address. It would be perfectly reasonable to assume this is a coincidence.

Last week at Pasadena government’s annual Thanksgiving Day Party, Mayor Sanchez forcefully slapped the butt of millionaire Jeffrey Tecumseh’s wife Kimberly. Tecumseh is a major donor for Diegner and several other Councilmembers.

“Members of the press have quite the imagination with their absurd theories of money and personal favors in politics,” said Councilman Diegner, addressing a question about Tecumseh. “These are smart bills that will improve government in Pasadena. As a Councilman, its my job to ensure the roads are paved, trash and recycling is picked up, the mail is delivered and police officers – even the ones who failed their fitness report this year – are trained and kept on staff.”

“And that’s what these bills are about.”

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