City Council: Nothing Stopping Us From Erecting Statue Of Willem Dafoe


April 15, 2016 - Local

In a surprisingly candid moment, members of Pasadena’s City Council acknowledged that there was relatively nothing stopping them from erecting a statue of Willem Dafoe in the town’s Memorial Park.

“Realistically, we could commission a $19,000 statue of Willem Dafoe to be put in the park, and no one would bat an eye,” said council-member Ronnie Lewis.

“Despite the fact that Willem has virtually no connection to the City of Pasadena. He was born in Wisconsin, I believe. But people don’t pay attention to this shit,” he added.

Councilwoman Liz Reynolds says the idea of spending this much money on a frivolous and hastily-decided project would cause little commotion.

“Honestly, we’ve passed crazier resolutions. And then there was that whole $6 million scandal thingy,” she said.

“Now that I’m thinking more about it, Dafoe was pretty great inĀ The Last Temptation Of Christ. Maybe we should actually consider this,” she added.

At press time, council-members report that the bill has already been introduced and passed 1-0 (the rest were absent/abstaining). Construction on the statue is set to beginĀ this fall, and is estimated to be completed in 2074.

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