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Councilman Diegner Resigns, Citing Stubbed Toe

December 21, 2014

Councilman George Diegner announced his pending resignation this Saturday via a press release. He cited a litany of health reasons for his decision including a stubbed tow, creaky knees and an itch on the tip of his nose that just wouldn’t go away. When called to comment, Councilman Diegner could not be reached but his…

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Council Outlaws Filling In Potholes On Mayor’s Street

November 25, 2014

Council unanimously passed an ordinance Tuesday evening that outlawed the fixing of holes in the asphault of Wimberly Lane where Mayor Robert Sanchez lives. Members insisted that the ordinance had nothing to do with the fact that Mayor Sanchez lives on Wimberly Lane. “The notion that we’re somehow using our council seats to fulfill a…

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Opinion: I Ain’t One Of Them Lucky Folks

August 11, 2014

By Joseph Thomas, Sierra Madre My papa used to say, “Or you got luck. Or you don’t.” Well, let me tell you, some people got luck. Like Jerry. You know Jerry? The other day he bought a lottery ticket and won – get this – $800. Yeah, Jerry with no legs. Yeah, Jerry No Legs….

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Editorial: My Wife Has Been A Little Bundle Of Joy

July 30, 2014

When I was 26 years old, I was lost. I didn’t know what I wanted with my life or how to get there. And I would’ve stayed lost for the rest of my life if it weren’t for this little lady right here. This little lady saved my life. This little, tiny, no-bigger-than-the-palm-of-my-hand 6-inch woman….

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Cheese & Co. Comics

June 20, 2014

Cheese shows the reader how a hobby can become a new career!