Sports: Bears Defeat Tigers


May 10, 2014 - Culture

In a thrilling series between two of earth’s most venerable species, Bears defeated Tigers after a lengthy display of bloody conflicts.

The action got off to a thrilling start when several Bears mauled a sleeping Tiger in East Asia.  Tigers responded by launching an all-out attack on Bears, using their sharp teeth and claws to annihilate many of the great Bears of earth and forcing them to dig into their reserves.

Although the match featured two of earth’s most dangerous species, Tigers were still expected to prevail based on their sterling record against other land animals.

But in the end, it was Bears who struck first and hardest, with several of their youngest stars teaming up to destroy the last of the Tigers in the Republic of Congo.

Tigers are now extinct on planet earth. It is estimated that 94% of Bears were killed in the conflict.

Bears are set to take on Alligators early next week.