Athlete’s Corner: I Like Baseball


August 31, 2016 - Local

“I Like Baseball”

by Dirk Stedman, Catcher, Pasadena Stars

You may not know this about me. I like baseball. I like to hit the ball with the bat. I like when I score a home run and everyone cheers.

I also like it when I have to run really fast!

Baseball games are fun. I like to eat peanuts and chew gum. Coach says I shouldn’t eat too many peanuts. But it’s hard sometimes because I get bored and I’m hungry.

It’s fun to put on the mitt and catch the ball. I love it when I dive and catch the ball. I don’t like when I mess up though. I feel sad instead.

My teammates are fun. Sammy is funny. Rob is ok. One time I was at Rob’s house and he got mad because I spilled ¬†juice on his carpet.

I would have rather been playing baseball.

Also sometimes I have to bunt because coach says so.

At the end of the day, I like baseball.

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