Arianna Huffington gives birth to newborn with ravenous appetite for content


July 24, 2015 - Universe

There’s finally an heir to the Huffington Media Empire! Last month, Arianna Huffington gave birth to an 8 lbs 4oz boy Jeffrey. And, apparently, he has quite the appetite…for content.

At her home in California, we caught up with Arianna to see how she was doing with the new baby.

“Mama bird. Mama bird,” Jeffrey says, looking up at Arianna as she chews up a blog post recapping the latest episode of The Daily Show and spits it into Jeffrey’s mouth.

“I’m here for you, honey. Mama’s gonna feed you content,” Arianna says in her best baby voice.

“Here, honey. You can dwink too,” Arianna says, holding Jeffrey up to her left nipple and breastfeeding him the latest posts on the Taylor Swift-Nicki Minaj feud and Hulk Hogan’s 13-year-old racist rant.

Arianna seems happier than ever. “I finally have something to do with all the content I’ve stored in my bosom!” she says.

There you have it, folks. Arianna seems happier than ever. And, as for Jeffrey…it’s fair to say he’ll never go hungry with a content-creating machine like Arianna as his momma. Such a happy family!