5 Tips To Improve Your Personal Brand


August 2, 2016 - Universe

5. Forsake your individuality

Being unique is great if you’re trying to be an interesting person, but if you want to whore out your personality to make money you need to stick to the popular trends. Versace? Yes. Love of opera? Goodbye! Opera is so last last century. Get with it.

4. Forsake God

While it may be useful to appear religious in order to improve your popularity among conservative audiences, there is no place for God on the path to brand perfection. You must commit your mental and spiritual energy to increasing your search engine visibility. There is no time for anything else.

3. Forsake love

What good is love if you aren’t verified on Twitter? Relationships are important for manipulating others and maintaining your appearance as a “loving” person. But falling in love requires thinking and caring about someone other than yourself, and that can be debilitating when trying to craft a strong personal brand.

2. Forsake happiness

The ultimate brand is soulless, steely-eyed, and void of emotion. There is no other way.

1. Forsake your soul

Audience interests own you now. They move your limbs when you move and your lips when you speak. You are their messenger. They are your God. There is nothing else inside your heart.

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