5 Tips For A Perfect New Year’s Eve


December 28, 2015 - Uncategorized / Universe

5. Stand out in the cold waiting in line to go to a bar

There’s no better way to send off 2015 than by freezing your ass off in the bitter cold outside of a bar. Because if there was, why are there so many people in line at this bar?

4. Keep telling everyone how you’re going to forget it’s 2016 for the first few months

This conversation is an age-old New Year’s tradition that for some reason we must repeat every year.

3. Halloumi cheese 

You gotta try this cheese. I think it’s from Turkey or something? It’s so good.

2. Congratulate yourself for completing all of last year’s resolutions 

Good job! Doesn’t it feel good to follow through? Reward yourself for fulfilling all of your resolutions with a drink, a massage, or even a vacation! You deserve it! We’re so proud of you.

1. Start prepping for 2017

Sure, 2016 could be cool. But we’re banking on 2017 being the REAL DEAL. That’s why we’re laying low this year and saving our best stuff for next January,

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