3-Year Investigation Reveals Boss Has Gambling Addiction


July 12, 2015 - Local

An exhaustive three-year investigation has concluded that Craig Larson, manager at El Molino Travel Agency, has a chronic gambling addiction.

The investigation included interviews, listening in on phone calls, and looking at receipts and other documents left in the company printer.

Brittany Arnold, an associate at the firm, said the findings confirm suspicions she had since she first started working there.

“We all knew there was something going on. He was always having hushed conversations on the phone, and would shred financial documents that were definitely not work-related,” she said.

“An affair was the obvious explanation, but that didn’t add up with how much his wife Lynette bosses him around. So we had to dig deeper ,” she said.

Arnold says coworkers had developed multiple theories, including one that posited he was a felon in disguise and another that suggested he was Batman.

But in the end, the discovery became clear when a representative from the MGM Grand casino called the office asking for him. Service manager James Andrews says at that moment the clues all came together.

“Suddenly it clicked. Craig can’t control his gambling! It fit with the loan sharks, the lying to his wife, everything!” he said.

Now that the mystery has been solved, coworkers say the office will put more effort into other investigations. They say they are working on new leads in the case of why Clancy Stevens doesn’t talk to his kids anymore.


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