Letter From The Editor: Who Am I?

August 3, 2018

by The Editor Who am I? It’s a question I never posed before as an amorphus editor for a humor magazine. But in light of recent, um, societal implosion with the accompanying self-reflection that often comes with it, I find myself confronted with new questions: What is the relationship between I, the satirist, and reality? Have…

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Editorial: Jesus Would Have Baked That Gay Couple A Lemon Meringue Because He Loved Lemon-Flavored Desserts

June 8, 2018

by Lisa Woodward, Altadena I mean the headline says it all, right? This silly debate about whether Jesus would have baked a cake is nonsense. Jesus never once baked a cake for anyone. He doesn’t even like cake. So why would he bake one for this couple? Jesus’ affinity for lemon-flavored desserts (as well as…

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Editorial: To Win In November, Democrats Must Concentrate On Persuasion

June 1, 2018

By Staunch Liberal Thurbert Huxton Jones IV (Born 1822) The Republican is a brutish rural creature. Yes, it is true. He is unlearned in the science of chivalry and birth control. He takes weaponry as a false idol. He abhors the spirit of generosity toward strangers. He disdains knowledge, rejects the advancement of Man, and…

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White House Pop Culture Summit

May 16, 2018

DT: Welcome. I’m so glad you were all able to make it. You are some of the biggest influencers in popular culture. And together we can help MAGA go mainstream. KW: Excuse me, did you just say “mainstream”? DT: Yes. KW: You realize when you say that. YOU ARE LIMITING MY FREE THOUGHT. DT: Umm…sorry?…

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city hall

Mayor Announces “Some-Tolerance” Drug Policy For City Employees

May 10, 2018

In a long-anticipated move, Pasadena Mayor Robert Sanchez held a press conference this afternoon to announce the end of the city’s “zero- tolerance” drug policy for city employees and replace it with a “some-tolerance” initative. “We tried zeo-tolerance. It was an interesting idea. But we’re always evolving as a city and we will continue to…

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Editorial: In My Eyes, All Humans Are Equally Disgusting

May 3, 2018

by Janice McDonald, Pasadena There’s been a lot of talk about equality lately. I guess it’s because the President is a psycho racist. So I thought as a Beautiful Person I should contribute to the discussion. I find all of you people hideous. Absolutely repulsive. You are all disgusting slovenly creatures who quite frankly don’t…

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Editorial: Spring Updates To New Year’s Resolutions

April 30, 2018

by Jim Stanley, Altadena 1. Exercise more -I jogged three times in January, once in February, and have gained 18 pounds since March.  2. Give up drinking -And then Jessica’s Bat Mitzvah happened. Yikes.  3. Apologize to Diane for stealing her gardening equiptment -Who am I, Superman? Never should have promised this.  4. Clean the…

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Editorial: Where Have I Been? Well, Definitely Not In Lewisberg, VA On February 22nd, 2017! Nope!

April 21, 2018

by Meg Davis, Pasadena Hey everybody! So good to see you again! Yes, it’s me, Meg Davis. The girl who owns the discount laundromat on Lake, where your clothes always come back smelling like feet. Yep, it’s really me! I’ve had a lot of people coming up to me and asking needlessly probing questions about…

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Editorial: I Make A Mean, Dirty, Nasty Meatloaf

March 23, 2018

by John Smote, Monrovia. Mmmm. Smell that? You guessed it. Daddy’s got a meatloaf going tonight. His special recipe. You know the one I’m talking about. This meatloaf is mean. It is straight up cruel. It’s the kind of meatloaf who would dump you on prom night. Or host a poker night and rig it….

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Editorial: Why I Put All That Old Halloween Taffy Down The Garbage Disposal

March 4, 2018

by Jim Swanson, Altadena Ok, Jane. I owe you an explanation, don’t I? That seems reasonable enough I suppose. Well, here goes: Life has been tough recently. When I lost my job at SpaceX for putting gum in the rocket boosters, I assumed I’d be back on my feet shortly. Six years later, I’m beginning…

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